Rabbi Moshe Levin

Rabbi Moshe Levin has been rabbi of Ner Tamid for fifteen years. He was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He served as an Air Force Chaplain for the first two years of his rabbinical career, stationed in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. His pulpit experience spanned thirty years, including two years on the island of Curacao in the Dutch West Indies.
Rabbi Levin was raised in Brooklyn, graduated from Brooklyn College, and spent two years at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, majoring in economics and philosophy and studying Bible.

Rabbi Levin's writings include: The Ethical Origins of Kashrut, Near-Eastern Birthrights and the Esau Jacob Narrative, Sexuality in Jewish Law and Tradition, and The Rabbinate for the 21st Century. He is also the originator of several new ceremonies in the Jewish Life Cycle, including the first one ever performed at the birth of a girl.

Over the course of his career, Rabbi Moshe Levin has been active in Zionist causes, social action projects, interfaith activities, as well as furthering the creative continuity of American Jewish life. He is a founding member of the Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue of San Diego and has served on numerous boards including the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice. In 1992 he was named Civil Libertarian of the Year by the San Diego and Imperial County chapters of the ACLU.

Cantor Rudy Hassid

Cantor Rudy Hassid has been cantor of Ner Tamid for 20 years. Rudy grew up at Congregation Ner Tamid where he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, confirmation and his marriage, as well as the B'nai Mitzvah of his children.

Cantor Hassid earned a Bachelor's Degree from San Francisco State University with a major in Accounting. He received his Cantorial training from Cantor Cory Winter who was his predecessor at Ner Tamid.

Cantor Hassid is responsible for the B'nai Mitzvah Program. His warm and personal style makes him loved by young and old and his beautiful tenor voice sets the mood for a most inspirational service.

Bal Korah Zvi Kalinski

Synagogue Administrator Adele Shafer